The Basics of Cannabis Delivery Methods


The Basics of Cannabis Delivery Methods

How to consume?

When you are a newcomer to cannabis, the variety of products can at first seem dazzling. The brightly-colored packages shine with color, boasting flavors, various potency and can relieve different symptoms and provide a unique experience depending on what you choose. All MMMP at one time or another have wanted to try something new or have been confused by how exactly to consume their medicine in a safe and effective way. Below are the basics of different consumption methods for our selection at Amazing Budz.


The best cannabis flower starts with a healthy, mature cannabis plant and flowers. Once these flowers are clipped, trimmed, dried and cured, they are ready for consumption. One of the more traditional ways of consuming cannabis is to inhale the smoke of this pure flower form. Some of the more common ways to do so are: in a bowl/pipe, a water pipe or bong, wrapped in rolling papers as a joint, and various other contraptions that offer different levels of portability and affordability. There’s really no limit to the creative smoking devices out there. It’s an easy method to use for those new to cannabis as the dosage is easy to manage, just start with a single puff. Expect effects immediately to thirty minutes later.

Pipes are a simple way to taste terpene rich flower directly. Bongs can offer a smoother hit, as the water cools the smoke before inhaling. The drawback of this method is in the smoke itself. Although there is more research to be done in the area of cannabis smoke effects, we do not recommend the smoking method for the elderly, for those with heart conditions or high blood pressure, or people vulnerable to respiratory & sinus conditions. Smoking, however, remains a popular and easily accessible way to consume cannabis. Many people enjoy the play of terpenes and taste that come with flower whether fruity, sweet, earthy or a complex mix.


Vaping and Dabbing are both methods that use cannabis concentrates to achieve the desired effects and most often involve vaporizing cannabis concentrate. Vaping tends to rely on either small hand held machines or at home devices. “Pen” style vaporizers are a popular, budget-friendly and discreet option. They contain cannabis concentrate inside the cartridge, as well as a battery. The battery activates the heating element which vaporizes the cannabis which can then be inhaled. Vaporizing is very different than smoking, as the heat is much lower and the cannabis product does not combust. It allows for many beneficial cannabinoids to be released, and is considered an alternative to smoking. If you are new to concentrates, be aware of their potency. Talk to our friendly budtenders if you have any questions.

Dabbing, at its most simple involves: a dab rig, a nail, a torch, a dome, and a dabber. The process begins with heating a “nail” with a handheld torch until it is red hot and covering it with a glass dome. You then allow it to cool for 10 seconds or more, applying a small amount of cannabis concentrate to your dabber and swirl it inside the nail while inhaling. It’s a form of flash vaporization. There are many variations on dab rigs so it is very important to understand the device and your dose before consuming. Dabbing seems complex, but with practice and adequate guidance, it becomes a simple, precise way to dose medicine. If in doubt about the size of dab for your situation, ask our budtenders for some guidance.


Edibles are cannabis-infused goods that you consume and come in many preparations. Some are baked into delicious treats, such as our brownies. Others come as cannabis infused candies, tinctures, capsules and even drinks. The benefits of edibles to medical patients are many, and some users report they deliver more body-heavy effects than other methods. They are especially effective at releasing deep-seated pain. It’s a fantastic option for those needing better rest and and can be a more sedative experience depending on the edible. Some edibles are very energetic. It all depends on the type of concentrate, the kind of cannabinoids added and the quality of the edible.

Unlike smoking, edibles take much longer to absorb into the bloodstream and activate the full effects. Depending on your unique chemistry and even what you ate beforehand, the effects can take from 30 minutes up to two hours to kick in. Those new to edibles should start with a small amount, such as five milligrams of THC, only ingesting another dose after several hours. This is because the effects last longer and can be intense if overdone. Edibles with a mixture of CBD and THC are favored by some patients, while others prefer them alone. Overall they are a handy and potent medicine to keep on hand.

Our cannabis medicine comes in a range of CBD and THC ratios which you can experiment with to see what best works with your conditions, chemistry and dietary preferences. We hope to see you soon!