What to Expect on Your First Visit to Amazing Budz!


What to Expect on Your First Visit to Amazing Budz!

Welcome to Amazing Budz!

Taking the first step in procuring your medicine can be a little daunting for a first timer. You might be wondering what it will be like when you step through the door of our modern dispensary located in Adrian, Michigan. Picking up some quality cannabis medicine from our location is a simple task, given you have a few basic items, and an adventurous attitude. Whether you are considering becoming a first-time patron to our location or regularly invest in our quality medicine we welcome people from all walks of life. But what do you need for your visit? Let’s explore that below.

Before Leaving for Amazing Budz

Before you zip off to our modern, sophisticated location, make sure you bring along a few essential items. These items include:

  • Your MMMP card or other state-issued medical marijuana program registry card.
  • Your state-issued license or identification card or passport/other government-issued ID.
  • Make sure all cards are active and not expired, as this will render them invalid for medical cannabis purchases.

Have all these things? Then you’re ready to make your journey here!

What to Expect/Types of Products

Expect our friendly, helpful staff to assist you with obtaining the best medicine for your relevant conditions. Our location is well-lit and stylish with a sci-fi flair that makes shopping here for your needs a relaxing experience. We provide an extensive range of medicine with a variety of ways to consume for your convenience. Our categories of cannabis product include:

  • Flower both in pre-roll form as well as bud form.
  • Concentrates including cartridges and dabbables.
  • Edibles with varying percentages of CBD, THC or a combination of the two.
  • CBD products ranging from isolate to muscle freezes and tinctures
  • Accessories for consuming cannabis whether smoking, vaping or otherwise. We also offer some very comfortable apparel for enjoying your Amazing Budz at home.

This assortment means that we likely have exactly what you were looking for to soothe your symptoms. Check out our menu here to explore our selection further.

Medical Legal Limits in Michigan

MMMP patients of 18 years of age older may possess 2.5 ounces of cannabis. Certified medical patients under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. What about recreational patrons? While recreational cannabis is now legal in Michigan to consume and possess, it is not yet legal to sell or buy cannabis in any form, at any location. For more information about legal limits and other patient relevant information, please visit https://www.michigan.gov/marijuana.

See You Soon!

We hope your experience at Amazing Budz is incredible. Our friendly budtenders will be happy to help with any questions as well as to explain the range of effects to expect with our products. Each patient reacts differently to cannabis medicine, and it is wise to begin by understanding how to dose each product. Taking the smallest effective dose helps manage symptoms and assures budget-friendly dosing over time. Thanks for perusing and feel free to reach out with any questions in our contact form.

Easily Renew or Get Certified For Your Medical Marijuana Card!