Dosing Concentrates & Edibles: A Beginners Guide


Dosing Concentrates & Edibles: A Beginners Guide

Dosing Cannabis Responsibly

Dosing cannabis responsibly can be a difficult task for a beginner, particularly with edibles and concentrates. Whether you have already begun to explore the cannabis space as an MMMP member or have yet to smoke your first preroll, this simple guide will help you understand how to dose edibles and concentrates in a way that will allow you to best access the many benefits of cannabis. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started, and we’ll see you soon at out Amazing Budz location in Adrian, Michigan.


Cannabis edibles at Amazing Budz are a delicious assortment of candies and snacks that are sure to calm the body and mind. Some of our favorite edibles include Monster Medibles' Gummies and DFC Fudge. Edibles are an incredible way to ease deep tension and pain in the body, as well as provide relief for insomnia and a variety of other conditions. The only caveat is that edibles and their dosing are highly individual. What and when you have eaten prior to taking the edible, your individual system and the kind of edible makes the effects of an edible somewhat unpredictable for the inexperienced. As you gain more experience, you will have access to a highly potent medicine that is simple and discreet to consume.

To begin with edible cannabis medicine, the best way to consume as a beginner is to start low and slow. Begin with between just 2.5 -five milligrams of THC and keep in mind that it can take up to two hours and in some individuals longer to feel the full effects. For MMMP that are used to consuming the flower variety of cannabis, the effects can also be hard to identify and pin down at first. After several hours you may choose to up your dose with an additional five milligrams till you find the sweet spot that you are looking for. This careful method ensures that you do not overdo it, as too much cannabis in edible form can be highly uncomfortable and possibly overwhelming. If this does happen, anecdotally it is possible to relieve these effects by taking some CBD, keeping hydrated, and eating. These things will calm your state and help ameliorate the overwhelm.


Cannabis concentrates at Amazing Budz come in a variety of forms, from cartridges for vaping, to live resin for dabbing or enhancing a bowl of flower. One of our favorite  concentrates include FWAYGO Live Resin's which delivers potency and delicious flavor. Concentrates begin with pure cannabis flower, and the essence and “concentrated” form of that flower is drawn out in various processes of extraction. This makes concentrates an effective way to intake cannabis in small doses with a more potent kick. It’s also considered to be a healthy alternative to using combustion cannabis, as the vaporization the concentrates go through is less harsh on the body. Depending on the kind of concentrate you intend to consume, the dosing may be different. Take a close look at the percentage of THC and CBD in your concentrates to help you understand how best to approach this. Some concentrates boast high percentages of THC, which means for a beginner you might want to start with a less potent concentrate. With a cartridge that is vaporized through a portable pen, take a single small puff and wait up to twenty minutes to feel the full effects, and keep in mind that this vapor form of cannabis can feel less harsh. With a quality concentrate it can be hard to know how much you have breathed in, so we recommend looking at it as taking a small sip of cannabis.

With a dabbable concentrate, it is harder to give a precise guide on how to dose and takes experimentation. We recommend looking at it like a small sewing pin; the kind of pin your grandmother may have used to hold the edges of her sewing. At the end of the pin is a sharp needle, and just a dot of concentrate as small as the tip of a needle may be enough for a beginner. As with the cartridges, wait twenty minutes to feel the full effects. As you become more accustomed, your dose may be half or the whole size of the head of a pin. Don’t be deceived by the posts on social media showing experienced users filling a dab bowl with concentrate! For beginners this method is too much, not just for dosing which can cause much discomfort, but also for your lungs. The concentrated vapor expands in the lungs, so a small dose is perfect to start and will keep you from an awkward coughing fit. Something else to keep in mind is that this method of consuming can feel like several puffs on something comparable such as the vaporizing pen mentioned earlier. It’s one of the most powerful methods of cannabis consumption with almost immediate effects you are sure to feel.

Ask Questions

Here at Amazing Budz we pride ourselves in providing quality products and information regarding your cannabis medicine. Make sure to use the resource of our friendly budtenders if you have any questions, as we serve a wide variety of cannabis users with variable levels of experience. Our budtenders are highly trained professionals who are adept in assisting with choosing the best medicine and dose for your experience level. Don’t be embarrassed whatever your experience level, we are here to help. We look forward to seeing you at your next trip to Amazing Budz in beautiful Michigan!

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