Dosing Concentrates & Edibles: A Beginners Guide

Dosing cannabis responsibly can be a difficult task for a beginner, particularly with edibles and concentrates. Whether you have already begun to explore the cannabis space as an MMMP member or have yet to smoke your first preroll, this simple guide will help you understand how to dose edibles and concentrates in a way that will allow you to best …

Coming Back to Cannabis? Here’s What’s New!

We’ve noticed something at Amazing Budz. There’s a phenomenon that’s happening now as medical and recreational cannabis continues to spread across the United States. People who have not consumed or smoked cannabis for some time are coming back to it. Even in just the last few years, many things have changed; in Michigan, cannabis became legalized medically in 2008. By …

Easily Renew or Get Your Medical Card 03/22

Easily Renew or Get Your Medical Card Call 517-214-9395 to make appointment or visit   Fayette, OH – EVERY SATURDAY 9:30-5PM (108 W. Main St) Lima, OH – EVERY THURSDAY & FRIDAY 9:30-5PM. (2818 Elida Rd.) Adrian, MI – SUNDAY, MARCH 8TH 1-5PM (117 E. Maumee St.) **NEW As of May 1st 2019 Michigan Medical Marijuana Patients who apply …

The Basics of Cannabis Delivery Methods

All MMMP at one time or another have wanted to try something new or have been confused by how exactly to consume their medicine in a safe and effective way. Below are the basics of different consumption methods for our selection at Amazing Budz.

What to Expect on Your First Visit to Amazing Budz!

Taking the first step in procuring your medicine can be a little daunting for a first timer. You might be wondering what it will be like when you step through the door of our modern dispensary located in Adrian, Michigan. Picking up some quality cannabis